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Flensburger "Plop" Mix Pack
Flensburger "Plop" Mix Pack
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Flensburger "Plop" Mix Pack

Flensburger "Plop" Mix Pack

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6 Bottles each of the following Flensburger brands......

PILSENER - The Flensburger classic. Unmistakable in character and freshness. It’s full flavored aroma and carefully selected hops create a great taste experience. AVB 4.8%

GOLD - A golden rich-tasting but mild beer with a sophisticated hint of hops. Light caramel malt and only the finest hops create this premium quality gold lager. AVB 4.8%

DUNKEL - A smooth, rich, dark, malty lager. Superior malt provides the amber color and elegant smoothness. AVB 4.8%

WINTERBOCK - This rich and flavorful Bock Beer has a crisp mild taste. The use of special malt gives the Flensburger Winterbock its fine and malty character and its typical color. It is slightly hopped and therefore leaner than other Bock beers. A full-bodied speciality beer that can be enjoyed from October to March. AVB 7.1%


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