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Schneider Weisse Mix Pack
Schneider Weisse Mix Pack
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Schneider Weisse Mix Pack

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Mix Pack

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8 cans of Aventinus Doppelbock, 8 cans Helle Weisse, & 8 bottles Original Hefe-Weizen

Aventinus - The sweet malty aroma is an invitation to an even more complex and full bodied beer. Fruity yeast esters break through pronounced notes of caramel, raisins and dark bread. This ingenious blend of flavors is carried along an extremely smooth mouthfeel, with a subtle reminder of the beers strength at the finish. 16.9oz. ABV 8.2%

Helle Weisse - Introduced in 1994 Schneider Weisse Helle Weisse is an exceptionally clean and crisp weisse beer. Known in Germany as “Meine Helle Weisse” or “My Bright White” it was inspired by summer in Bavaria. Paler in color to the Original Schneider Weisse, it still maintains the brewery’s trademark cloudiness and aroma. The use of Saphir hops contributes spicy notes and a tangerine aroma which lends to the overall brightness of the beer. AVB 5.2%

Original Schneider Weisse - Georg Schenider I purchased the rights to brew wheat beer from King Ludwig II at a time when Weisse beer was only enjoyed by nobility. Georg I, a royal brewer himself, jumped at the opportunity to take over the abandoned brewery Zum Maderbräu in Munich and launched the Original Schneider Weisse recipe in 1872. 
New refrigeration technology was emerging and thus low-fermentation beers were increasing in availability and popularity. Georg Schenider & Sohn not only rescued a style of beer in decline, they ensured it’s success by improving quality and innovating new recipes within the style. 
The recipe of Original Schneider Weisse remains unchanged today. The beers deep amber color is the first hint that the beer will be packed with all the flavors of an unfiltered wheat beer. A beautiful fruity aroma, assertive flavors of banana and clove are balanced wonderfully by the strength of the beer’s carbonation and ABV. Not only is the beer delicious, it’s comforting quality is the essence of the Bavarian experience.  AVB 5.4%


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